VMworld 2011 Session Submission

This year I have boldly put forward for a couple of sessions at VMworld. I’d love the opportunity to share some of my thoughts, knowledge and experience with a wider audience, so please feel free to put a vote forward towards me! I’ll be covering off 3 different topics…

2621 The Secret to a Successful Cloud – People!

This covers a bit more detail in Cloud architectures. Everyone can now give you the dictionary term for what a “Cloud” is, but I still think very few people are helping you translate that into how to actual put together your own Cloud. It isn’t about software, or services, it’s about people and procedures. You can have a fully functional Cloud environment very easily if you sit down and work out what you want to achieve and what processes/procedures need to be put in place. I’ll be talking a little about frameworks and continual service improvement models as well as IT maturity. The key takeaway is that you and your colleagues are the key to you successfully deploying a Cloud infrastructure!

2141 Future vAdmins

This follows on from a successful topic I covered at the last Northern UK VMUG which covered some of the skills required to be a successful vAdmin and where the industry is taking us. It’s been easy to get by in IT over the past 5-10 years with a small subset of skills, but with virtualisation you need a much wider remit. As a VCDX I know this all too well!!! I’ll cover some key industry certifications, how this can benefit your employer, and some key complimentary areas such as soft skills (which I think are hugely important).

2142 Questions to Ask Your Design Authority

Virtualisation is easy, follow the basic install guides, install some VMs and you have an environment! All good, right? So why do some people have more success in virtualization that others? How do some people get 10:1 vCPU:pCPU ratios and others struggle to get 2:1? I’ll go over some of the concepts that are essential to an effective virtualisation strategy. This also includes a Cloud infrastructure as many of the design principles are the same and it is all the same journey.

http://www.vmworld.com/cfp.jspa or just vmworld.com and hit “Vote Now” on the right hand side.

You’ll need a VMworld account, but this only takes 5 minutes to setup and then you can keep up to speed with all the new stuff going on. Then just hit the thumbs up next to my sessions!

I’d also recommend the following sessions (it’s a long list, I’ve probably still missed some good sessions!). These are a mix of topics that inspire me, friends who I know are great presenters, or people I’ve seen run sessions before who always do good sessions. It’s a long list, but hopefully it’ll help you start choosing the sessions you interested in. I’d strongly recommend still looking through the full list however!

1264 Private vCloud Architecture Technical Deepdive
1361 PowerCLI 101
1400 Performance Troubleshooting in the Cloud with vCenter Operations
1423 vCloud Infrastructure – Advanced vStorage Troubleshooting and Log Analysis
1425 Ask the Expert vBloggers
1426 Designing Virtualized Desktops for Success
1427 Battle of the Storage Experts
1600 vCloud Networking Finally Explained
1601 How to Build a Cloud in the Real World
1604 Cisco “Cloud-Ready” Infrastructure – Infrastructure Design Beyond the VM
1622 vSphere Automation 101 – vCenter Orchestrator
1623 Storage Superheavy Weight Smackdown 2011
1682 vSphere Clustering Q&A
1708 VCDX Preparation Boot Camp
1710 vCloud Architect Panel Discussion
1841 vSphere Advanced Performance Troubleshooting with ESXTop
1843 Your vSphere Design and a Session with the Experts
1844 VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP-DCA) Exam Preparation Tips
1866 Advanced Persona Management and User-Centric Desktop Virtualization
1882 Manage ESXi with PowerCLI
1883 PowerCLI Best Practices
1902 Design, Deploy, and Optimize Exchange 2010 on vSphere
1926 Getting Started in vSphere Design
1940 10 Best Free Tools for vSphere Management in 2011
1956 The ESXi Quiz Show
1981 vCloud BC/DR Solutions
2095 Unstoppable Force to Virtualize Tier-1 Applications in Private Cloud: End to End High Availability Options with Operational Intelligence
2185 The VMware View Design Mega-Session: Lessons from Seasoned VDI Professionals
2362 I’m Virtualized. So Don’t I Have an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud?
2466 Building a Real-World Hybrid Cloud
2467 A Customer Scenario for Re-Platforming Legacy Applications Using the Spring Framework
2471 A Customer Scenario for Next-Generation Data Management with vFabric
2561 Stuck Between Stations: From Traditional Data Center to Internal Cloud
2692 Rethinking Storage for Virtual Desktops
2751 How SMBs can Successfully Transition to the Cloud
2757 A Deep Dive on Virtual Distributed Switching & Cisco Nexus 1000v
2802 ThinApp Deployment & Maintenance Best Practices and Tricks
2805 Virtualizing Mission-Critical Tier 1 Microsoft SQL Applications
2808 How Experts Attack the 5 Leading Virtualization ROI Killers
2813 Tier 1 Applications – The CIO/Admin Disconnect
2820 Real World vStorage API for Array Integration Effects, Design, and Planning with VMFS and NFS
2829 Extending the VMware Infrastructure: The Future of NetApp Integrations
2829 Extending the VMware Infrastructure: The Future of NetApp Integrations
2845 Virtualizing Tier 1 Applications –What Will it Take from Storage?
2855 NetApp Introduces “Cloud-Mode” Storage
2863 How to Use Distance to Your Advantage to Create a Unified Data Protection Strategy
2867 VDI User Experience: The Secret Portal of Productivity
2877 Successfully Configuring Site Recovery Manager 5
2994 Getting to Your Own Private Cloud
2997 Virtual Disk Alignment: The Small Detail That Makes a Huge Difference in VMware vSphere Storage Performance
3067 Mythbusters Goes Virtual
3111 Cisco Nexus 1000v: Architecture, Deployment, and Management
3142 Capacity Planning in a Shared Infrastructure
3143 Ask the Experts: VCDX Certification Tips
3220 Desktop as a Service with vCloud Director
3223 Storage as a Service with vCloud Director
3232 Cisco Virtual Security Gateway: Architecture, Deployment, and Management
3271 vSphere Networking in the Next Generation Data Centers
3290 Proven Strategies and Best Practices for Building Private Clouds to Run Tier1 Apps
1741 One Year After – VAAI: Who Did What and How?

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