VM World 2010


I’m definitely looking forward to VMWorld this year! I haven’t been since Cannes in 2007, so I’m looking forward to seeing how much it’s grown and even more so as I have my VCDX Defense out of the way so I’m relatively stress free! The sessions seem a little overwhelming, I’ll be spending the next few weeks catching up on missed sessions online I think!

If you are there, come track me down. I’ll be hanging about with the NetApp guys a little, teasing the other storage vendors, and I’ll definitely be at the NetApp Communities event on Tuesday night – http://communities.netapp.com/thread/10582.

Here is a quick list of the sessions I think I’ll attend. I’m still undecided about a few and have narrowed it down to 2. I’ll be sure to watch a lot more sessions than this after the event as there is a lot of good stuff I’m missing out on! I look forward to seeing everyone there though!

9am : ALT2002 – vCenter VSheild
10am : SS1055 – Partner Super Session
10.30am : TA6720 – Troubleshooting with ESXTOP for Advanced Users
12pm : BC7773 – SRM Misconceptions and Misconfigurations
12pm : GD01 – vSphere Security
1.30pm : BC7729 – Intelligent HA, Application awareness with HA
3pm : TA7994 – vStorage Update for vSphere 4.1

11am : MA7140 – vCloud Architecture Design Strategies
12.30pm : TA8218 – VMware Storage Vision
2pm : SE8206 – Security Hardening Guidelines for vSphere
2pm : ALT3001 – SRM Extended Configuration
3.30pm : DV7706 – View Composer, Technical Deep Dive
3.30pm : SE8389 – Architectural Overview of Security for the Private Cloud
5pm : ALT3003 – Performance Tuning for vSphere

9am : MA8030 – Saving Time with vCenter Orchestrator
9am : MA6580 – Bridging the Management gap with vMA
10.30am : EA6705 – Best Practices for virtualising Active Directory
12pm : EA7849 – Design, Deploy and Optimise Exchange 2010
1.30pm : TA8233 – Storage I/O Control
1.30pm : TA6862 – vDS Deep Dive
3pm : MA7528 – vCenter Operational Best Practices
3pm : TA8065 – Storage Best Practices (presented by XIV)
4.30pm : TA7743 – ESX iSCSI News
4.30pm : TA8245 – ESXi Internals

10.30am : TA6944 – PowerCLI for Administrators
10.30am : ALT3004 – vSphere Troubleshooting
12pm : MA9800 – vSphere Cluster to Cloud
1.30pm : TA8101 – Virtual Storage Best Practices (presented by EMC)
1.30pm : TA7171 – Performance Best Practices
3pm : BC8372 – SRM Futures

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