If you have a completely dead system and need to re-install ONTAP onto the flash card as well as the disks, then you’ll need to netboot the system (or other reasons you need to setup the networking!). The first step is to setup the networking for this.

CFE> help ifconfig


Configure the Ethernet interface


ifconfig device [options..]

Activates and configures the specified Ethernet interface and sets its IP address, netmask, and other parameters.  The -auto switch can be used to set this information via DHCP.


-auto        Configure interface automatically via DHCP
-off         Deactivate the specified interface
-addr=*      Specifies the IP address of the interface
-mask=*      Specifies the subnet mask for the interface
-gw=*        Specifies the gateway address for the interface
-dns=*       Specifies the name server address for the interface
-domain=*    Specifies the default domain for name service queries
-speed=*     Sets the interface speed (auto, 10fdx, 10hdx, 100fdx, 100hdx, 1000fdx, 1000hdx)
-loopback=*  Sets the loopback mode (off,internal,external)  External loopback causes the phy to be placed in loopback mode
-hwaddr=*    Sets the hardware address (overrides environment)

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