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EMC DataDomain

Well it was sort of inevitable, EMC have finally won the bidding war for DataDomain. So what happens next? This gives EMC industry leading de-dupe technology at last, and a real foot in the market. What will EMC do with DataDomain? Will they adopt the code into the primary tier storage and finally give NetApp a run for their money in primary tier dedupe? I’m hoping that EMC don’t consume DataDomain as they did with Avamar. DataDomain is a great technology in it’s place and it would be a shame to see it restricted to EMC only estates.

What’s NetApp’s next play? NetApp were very excited a month ago about this potential aqcuisition, so it must fall as quite a disappointment. I heard someone (not from NetApp) voicing the possibility of a Quantum purchase. That would be interesting and very comical as EMC have a lot of that technology in their products! But other than annoying EMC, what benefits would it bring them? Quantum are in a lot of trouble at the moment, so it’d probably be a cheap purchase all the same.

I guess this can only be good news for the consumer though. NetApp will be driven to improve and excel with their de-dupe technology, and maybe give VTL a much-needed make-over.

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