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cifs_broadcast – display a message on user workstations


cifs broadcast { wsname | -v volname } message


The cifs broadcast command displays a message on user workstations.

A message may be sent to a specific workstation, named by the wsname parameter.

message is enclosed in double quotes.

A message may be sent to all workstations that have active sessions open on a specified volume, named by the volname parameter.


   FILER> cifs broadcast danw-nt “CIFS Shutting Down in 10 Minutes!!!”   FILER>   FILER> vol status            Volume State   Status            Options              vol0 online  normal            root,  checksum_blocks=on(active)   FILER>   FILER> cifs broadcast -v vol0 “CIFS SHUTTING DOWN IN 5 MINUTES!!!”   FILER>  

Table of Contents

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